What Our Clients Are Saying

The Center for Leadership Studies takes great pride in our client relationships and remains humbled by the opportunities we have had over the last 40 years to partner with so many diverse organizations.

We find the demonstration of value to be a two-way street – our clients leverage our intellectual property and expertise and in the process provide us with insights of significance along with candid, constructive feedback. That being said, rather than trying to provide statistics that we feel speak to the value that The Center for Leadership Studies provides across our many client interactions, we thought it might be better to let our customers speak for themselves:

I highly recommend the Situational Leadership® Model as a part of any company's leadership development program.
Marshall Goldsmith, World Renowned Executive Coach
The impact of Situational Leadership® and CLS on our performance is unmistakable.
Senior Program Manager, Ricoh
Situational Leadership® at EBMS is a hit!!!  Our Executive team is on-board (bringing elements of it into every meeting) and our middle-managers are inspired and improving the work-life of all EBMS employees!
Executive Account Manager, EBMS
At Baker-Hughes, we have had a long-standing commitment to The Center for Leadership Studies in general and Situational Leadership® in particular. We actually introduce the model to entry-level employees during their on-boarding training and re-force/expand upon that initial exposure as those employees become team leaders, first and second line managers. We are also excited about the recently developed online and blended courses CLS has introduced as we feel these offerings will help us sustain a leadership approach that has become a core component of our ever emerging culture.
Director of Business and Management Training, Baker Hughes
The Situational Leadership® program has been a component of Medtronic’s foundational leadership program since 2008 and has been instrumental in contributing to the success of leaders influencing the performance of individuals that they lead. It is consistently recognized by participants of the program as being the most impactful and practical model learned in the program. I value the partnership with CLS; as a customer my voice has been heard and responded to for requests of support and program materials to enhance the learning experiences of the program participants. Thank you, CLS!
Principle Training Specialist, Medtronic, Inc.
As a member of a diverse and dynamic Executive Leadership Team, I found myself in need of better methods for interaction with my peers as each of us sought to align often diverse goals into one Corporate Mission. Partnering with CLS has changed our team dynamic in such a positive way. Not only have we learned how to better meld our goals and initiatives into a singular Corporate Mission through improved communication and emotional intelligence, but we have truly learned to go the extra mile for each other, and to support and promote each other’s individual Corporate goals both privately and publicly. Additionally, through learning the core principals of Situational Leadership®, the Executive Team members have all become better “servant” leaders as we have harnessed the ability to earn our position power with our employees through structured,  audience-specific communication. The result is more dedicated employees, stronger teams and laser focus on Corporate goals and initiatives at every level.
Vice President of Organizational Development, Meyer Real Estate
I have practiced the fundamentals of Situational Leadership® for most of my career and CLS has been instrumental in developing the material for my organization and helping us build leaders to grow our business. The CLS team conducts themselves with the utmost professionalism and in the true spirit of a partnership.
Senior Director of Franchise Operations, Huddle House Inc.
Considering a team member’s task readiness level and then adjusting one’s leadership style to match, is the purest form of servant leadership. Situational Leadership® has provided an educational model for doing this as well as a common language - enabling our leaders and team members to mutually participate in the leadership process. We recommend this training for any organization who would like to enhance their leadership environment.
Business Manager, Pelican Energy Consultants LLC

Case Studies

Interested in learning more about the work we do and the value we bring?

Click on the sample case studies below to view a few highlights:


Performance Language: National Field Retail Operation

Partnered with a large retail organization to implement Situational Leadership® to develop a standardized performance language across its District and store managers, leading to high rates of retention in an industry with generally high turnover.

Management Foundations Case Study

Designed to target managers that were new to role, The Center for Leadership Studies partnered with Merck to develop a comprehensive blended learning curriculum that utilized Situational Leadership® as the framework through which the organization developed core, common and critical leadership competencies.

Management Development: Leading Biotechnology Organization

Partnered with a Fortune 500 biotech organization to design and develop a multi-tiered leadership development curriculum with the goal of reducing turnover rates and enhancing competency growth through individual development plans.