Our History

For more than 40 years, The Center for Leadership Studies (CLS), founded by Dr. Paul Hersey, has been the global home of the original Situational Leadership® Model.

With over 14 million leaders trained, Situational Leadership® is the most successful and widely adopted leadership model available. Deployed in more than 70% of Fortune 500 companies, Situational Leadership® transcends cultural and generational differences and equips leaders around the globe with the skills necessary to address a specific challenge, drive behavior change and increase productivity. CLS’ diverse product portfolio includes a comprehensive off-the-shelf leadership curriculum founded on our proven, research-based competency model. In addition, CLS has more than 25 years’ experience designing and developing award-winning custom training solutions.

“A situational leader is anybody anywhere who recognizes that influencing behavior is not an event, but a process.”

-Dr. Paul Hersey

CLS services customers both domestically and internationally through an extensive network comprised of over 200 learning professionals in more than 30 countries. Our global affiliates and facilitators understand the nuances present in each culture, allowing for the delivery of innovative, high-quality training programs in localized languages.


Our Future

The need for effective leaders isn’t going anywhere; if anything, the demand for effective leaders at every level of the organization will increase moving forward.

Looking into the future, it is our goal to stay ahead of the demand to build better, more effective leaders by developing content and delivery methods to speed the assimilation of knowledge and turn it into deployable behavior changes that can truly benefit your organization and its most valuable assets…its people!

At The Center for Leadership Studies – We Build Leaders™!


Our Values

At The Center for Leadership Studies we view each customer opportunity as a long-term partnership.

In such relationships, we believe that the values of the people that you choose to do business with can have an equal impact on the success of your learning endeavors as can the technical skillsets.

Put a different way, we feel it’s important for you to know who we are and what we stand for. Below are the values we strive to live by day-by-day. They represent the expectations that we have for each and every CLS team member:


Be Responsive: Service is Inside and Out

Do what you say you are going to do when you say you are going to do it. Don’t over promise and never under deliver


Embrace Teamwork: Invest in Others

Strive to continually develop and nurture your base of personal power


Own Your Actions: Take Personal Responsibility

Follow through on your commitments with relentless attention to detail, completion and results


Maintain Your Integrity: Do the Right Thing

Communicate openly and honestly. Develop a reputation grounded in personal and professional credibility


Have Fun: Take a Minute to Smile

Enjoy the journey (celebrate victories; keep setbacks in their proper perspective). Embrace the fact that work and fun are NOT mutually exclusive terms

Situational Leadership®

CLS can help drive behavior change in your organization.

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