Situational Leadership®: Taking Charge

Situational Leadership® is a model that allows performance conversations to happen more often and with increased quality.

While leaders use it to have productive conversations about performance, sometimes it is forgotten that the individuals being led are also an important part of the conversation.

Situational Leadership®: Taking Charge, which can be completed as either a half-day instructor-led workshop or as an online self-paced learning simulation, is designed to help front-line employees and individual contributors develop a thorough understanding of the leadership process. When employees can recognize a clear connection between their performance and the success of the organization, they perform to the full extent of their capabilities, as opposed to simply working within the parameters of their job descriptions.

Utilizing the performance language of Situational Leadership®, participants learn to diagnose their own task-specific Performance Readiness® and effectively communicate their specific performance needs to their supervisors.

If your leaders are already versed in Situational Leadership® and you want to leverage its power across all levels of leadership, then Situational Leadership®: Taking Charge can engage your employees, help build accountability in the workplace and focus the organization on improving the effectiveness of performance conversations.