Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders
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Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders

Situational Leadership®, which stresses flexibility and simplicity in execution, can equip leaders in your organization with the tools necessary to skillfully navigate the demands of an increasingly diverse workforce and evolving global marketplace.

To be successful in today’s work environment, a leader must learn to appropriately balance his/her task direction with the proper relationship behavior, leading to high levels of consistent performance across team members.

Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders provides leaders with an action-oriented framework that increases both the quantity and quality of performance conversations by matching an individual’s Performance Readiness® Level for a specific task with the appropriate leadership style. This task-specificity is at the heart of Situational Leadership® and is paramount to ensuring that your organization is comprised of capable situational leaders who drive behavior change.

In order to provide the flexibility your organization requires, Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders can be delivered in three different delivery methods designed to offer an identical learning experience regardless of how the course is completed:

  • Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders is a one-day, instructor-led workshop that emphasizes active learning through application-based activities and participant interaction to ensure learner engagement in the classroom
  • Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders Online guides the learner through five interactive e-learning modules. To enhance the overall learning experience, each module has an optional Discussion Guide designed to generate dialogue to ensure learning pull through
  • Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders Blended combines two web-modules with a half-day instructor-led workshop. Learners complete the Model Overview e-module as pre-work to gain a basic understanding of Situational Leadership®, while the classroom is used for active learning through application-based activities and interactive discussions. Following the training workshop, participants will complete the Development and Regression e-module, which teaches leaders how to guide people to higher levels of performance and take corrective measures when people regress

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