Custom Training Solutions

The Center for Leadership Studies’ approach to training and leadership development is simple: we build leaders and drive behavior change.

In order to do that, we recognize that each client and audience is different; and so we target our learning solutions to ensure maximum relevance to your organization’s people, challenges and business goals. Sometimes this is as simple as making minor adjustments to off-the-shelf course components, while other times it involves building fully customized programs from the ground up.

The Center for Leadership Studies utilizes an in-house custom development arm, Performance Impact, for such purposes. Performance Impact has an established, award-winning track record for designing, developing and delivering custom training solutions since 1986. Our design philosophy is simple:

  • Create relevant and engaging customized training and curriculum design solutions
  • Leverage innovative technology in a cost-effective manner
  • Design unique, best-in-class blended learning programs
  • Leverage a network of training thought leaders and design consultants to maximize the learner experience

Interested in customizing your organization’s Situational Leadership® or Influence Curriculum program? Contact us to learn more!