The Influence Curriculum for Leadership Development

One of the most common questions we hear is, “What makes a good leader?” While relatively subjective in nature, this question has served as the impetus for many of today’s most successful and prominent leadership development models and concepts.

In developing the Situational Leadership® Model, Dr. Hersey used a task-specific lens to examine the core, common and critical competencies best associated with effective leaders.

“Leadership is any attempt to influence.”
– Dr. Paul Hersey

His findings can best be described by his simplistic definition of leadership, “Leadership is any attempt to influence.” Our years of experience have shown us that the best leaders are those that can successfully influence up, down and across the organization, impacting business results by driving behavior change. To that end, The Center for Leadership Studies has used the Situational Leadership® Model as the foundation of its Influence Curriculum. The curriculum focuses on developing critical influence competencies, such as trust, believability, credibility and resiliency, and is designed to allow your leaders to answer the following questions:

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Leveraging Your Power to Influence

Strong leadership and power are not mutually exclusive terms. Successful leaders understand how power strengthens their ability to influence.

Leveraging Your Power to Influence explores the dynamics that exist in the seven distinct, but highly interdependent, bases of power. This one-day workshop focuses on developing your leaders’ ability to recognize and successfully apply the correct power base in order to effectively influence across all levels of the organization – up, down and across peer groups.

Participants will learn to cultivate their personal and position power bases to help enhance leadership effectiveness and increase overall team performance.

Coaching to Build Capacity

In today’s fast-paced global marketplace, your managers must not only successfully lead but actively coach employees in order to achieve desired results.

Effective coaching promotes creativity, performance excellence and individual resilience – qualities that enhance your organization’s ability to excel within an environment of continuous change and gain a competitive edge.

Coaching to Build Capacity is a one-day, activity-driven workshop that immerses participants in Situational Leadership® and its application in challenging coaching situations. Your leaders will be exposed to various coaching tools as well as a framework proven to unlock and maximize the capabilities of their teams, building their individual and collective capacity for higher levels of current and future performance. This workshop is highly interactive and blends case study vignettes with feedback-based practice sessions.

Through Coaching to Build Capacity, your leaders will learn how Situational Leadership® can not only make you an effective leader but also an effective coach.

Leading With DiSC®

Situational Leadership® is based on the premise that successful leadership occurs when a leader focuses on an individual’s ability to perform a specific task as opposed to focusing on the individual’s ability as a whole.

Similarly, successful managers realize that not all employees are the same. To truly be successful, a leader must identify, and adapt to, the unique behavioral cues, communication preferences and priorities that drive an individual’s performance level.

Leading With DiSC® is a one-day workshop that leads participants on an introspective journey of self-discovery by identifying their preferred management style and behavioral tendencies. Leaders learn to become more self-aware of these tendencies and appropriately adapt styles and behaviors to minimize team conflict and fully realize potential.

Leading With DiSC® integrates the Everything DiSC® Management Behavioral Model with Situational Leadership®. The combination of these two models enables participants to leverage their awareness of an individual’s DiSC® style to further refine their assessment of Performance Readiness® and match leadership style behaviors. Your leaders will be taken through a series of real-world case studies and interactive practice opportunities designed to help illustrate how an understanding of DiSC® profiles and tendencies can enhance the successful application of Situational Leadership®.

Leading With Emotional Intelligence

As diversity and cross-functional teams continue to increase in the workplace, the ability to understand and use emotion as a source of insight, creativity and influence has become a highly sought after skill.

Unlike Intelligence Quotient (IQ) which remains static, levels of Emotional Intelligence, or Emotional Quotient (EQ), are elastic and can be developed and enhanced.

Leading With Emotional Intelligence utilizes the EQ-i 2.0 self assessment to give participants an in-depth understanding of the influence that emotions have on actions and behaviors. By harnessing the power of Emotional Intelligence, your leaders can apply these attributes to motivate and engage their teams, strengthen cooperation and increase performance. Through Leading With Emotional Intelligence, leaders will develop a targeted action plan to enhance their EQ and measure the impact of specific behavior change.

Leading Teams: A Situational Approach

While team environments remain one of the most highly researched and important concepts in business today, effective teamwork may also be among the most elusive.

Teams that lack effective leadership often struggle to successfully collaborate with each other and adapt to the variety of personalities, perspectives, opinions and varying skill sets of other team members. Teams that can successfully master true collaboration, however, have a distinct competitive advantage toward productivity.

Leading Teams: A Situational Approach leverages an understanding of situational approaches to leadership to explore the specific skills that your leaders need to demonstrate in order to transform diverse groups of individuals into cohesive units. In this course, your leaders will learn to maximize the performance potential of each team member while building trust, boosting creativity and improving communication across the team.

Additional Courses

In addition to the courses that comprise our Influence Curriculum, The Center for Leadership Studies also offers additional programs designed to further develop your leaders’ competencies and capabilities.

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