Leadership: An Interview with Marshall Goldsmith and Sam Shriver

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"Leaders are trained, not born," states Dr. Paul Hersey, founder of the Situational Leadership® model. "Leadership, more than any other factor, will determine success as companies adapt to the next economy’s new set of rules".
The Situational Leadership® Model is used by 70% of Fortune 500™ companies, in 42 countries with over 14 million leaders trained. Dr. Hersey’s Center for Leadership Studies (CLS™) is now introducing Situational Leadership® Targeted Training™ which has been designed specifically for you;

You Are the Trainer for Your Company – CLS is the world leader in the train-the-trainer model. We support you with curriculum, materials, assessment and other online tools, and complete training at our facility or yours.
You Are a Leader in Your Company – CLS will provide you and / or your executive /managerial staff with cutting edge leadership skills that will transform your company, at our facility or yours with online support tools.
You Want to be a Certified Situational Leadership® Training Affiliate – You are the trusted advisor to several companies and wish to add Situational Leadership® Training to your consulting repertoire. CLS considers you our strongest ally and we work hard to augment your brand.
You Want to Explore Situational Leadership® Training on a Tight Budget – We provide training online. Go at your own pace and explore our powerful skill set without having to leave your office.

"The "next" Situational leader will need to get more done with less...and quickly."

Dr. Paul Hersey

We provide training online. Go at your own pace and explore our powerful skill set without having to leave your office.